Sunday, April 3, 2011


Once upon the time I was like girls are the best , they all are smart, funny and you can talk to them about everything cause you know we guys don’t share that much.

And I had to learn it the hard way,seriously almost all girls don’t know how to be friends with a guy.I had a friend she was like a sister to me , I tried my hard to be so nice to her and i still get the cute nickname “asshole “ .maybe I don’t understand girls or I don’t know how they think .But I think we guys have this unique thing called friendship.

Girls talk a lot ,about shopping, music ,each other and they also talk a lot about other girls can’t help it its just how it is you girls LOVE talking a lot about everything .And today for the first time in my life I overheard some girl talking bad about me to some other girl I just met ,it was weird it turns out i care !.

The thing is words can hurt sometimes. and no one deserves to feel that way.

After all I’m not talking about every single girl , I’m talking about the majority . There is always cool girls who is smart funny and you can talk to them about everything .

A girl is any female human from the birth through childhood and adolescence to attainment of adulthood.the term may also used to mean a young women.[1]


  1. Your highness ,

    Thank you so much .

  2. Bro Ur amazing "seriously"

  3. hhhhh.. thanx for the description :P:P
    funniest thing the wiki definition ^^
    and I'm waiting for more ..

  4. hehe , Esra the wiki definition :D

  5. love it and it's true !! girls love gossip it's just their nature lol :)