Sunday, April 3, 2011


Once upon the time I was like girls are the best , they all are smart, funny and you can talk to them about everything cause you know we guys don’t share that much.

And I had to learn it the hard way,seriously almost all girls don’t know how to be friends with a guy.I had a friend she was like a sister to me , I tried my hard to be so nice to her and i still get the cute nickname “asshole “ .maybe I don’t understand girls or I don’t know how they think .But I think we guys have this unique thing called friendship.

Girls talk a lot ,about shopping, music ,each other and they also talk a lot about other girls can’t help it its just how it is you girls LOVE talking a lot about everything .And today for the first time in my life I overheard some girl talking bad about me to some other girl I just met ,it was weird it turns out i care !.

The thing is words can hurt sometimes. and no one deserves to feel that way.

After all I’m not talking about every single girl , I’m talking about the majority . There is always cool girls who is smart funny and you can talk to them about everything .

A girl is any female human from the birth through childhood and adolescence to attainment of adulthood.the term may also used to mean a young women.[1]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Writing the future is the title ..

Too much stuff is going on around us,around me around everyone things we’ve never experienced before ,things we’ve never expected to happen & crazy stuff we’ve never thought it would happen.

But its happening and we have to deal with that. I think writing about whats going on in our life everyday is the answer!!. Yea I’m writing because I’m so mad at everything around us . I’m mad about the government ,the people and I’m mad with myself too.

Lets start with myself.I’m a Computer Science student at JUST, I have too much energy and I wanna do everything in the same time I’m interested in Open Source and Free Software ,Linux ,Arts including music ,instruments ,Photography ,Drawing and acting ,I have a very weird thing about old stuff I love everything old ,old places, old cars old music and older women. and I’m a life time Volunteer, I volunteer in any way possible.and I'm interested in other languages cultures just like Japanese language and culture I watch too much Anime and Japanese Drama and I spent too much time trying to learn Japanese.Infact you can say i know some Japanese . I say to myself come on!! man take a break seriously how the hell do use your head no one can take all these stuff at the same time.

And lets talk a little bit about the people”the stupid people” around here i say people please please give yourselfs and me a break .Everyone and when i say everyone i mean it everyone knows about you more than you know about yourself! yea they all talk about everyone.I do it you do it everyone is doing it. you know why guys??! cause we don’t have anything else better to do . yea its the stupid environment i think we all have too much energy and we spend it on stupid stuff cause there is nothing else to do!! yea we don’t even party!! we’re young we’re suppose to party everyday . No talking about each other is the fun why partying ,offft I'm so mad cause we just go with the flow if the majority of the people do something we should all, every single of us do the same or they will call you “stupid” or “retarted” . i say I’m different and you all are the same .thats why i never knew anyone of you people and you all know me . yea they know everything about you remember !!

Oh dear god I’m writing about the government again I can’t believe myself please anyone stop me .Hehe no one can do that cause I’m a young Jordanian dude and we have freedom here in Jordan thats why the “darak” was in the “dakeleeh” circle.
Yea I’m a Jordanian young dude I say what i want about anything i want cause thats what his majesty “King Abudallah the second “want from the us young people of Jordan.Dear government so your old ,we’re Young so we win.

I had to write this because these days i have that feeling the feeling of me leaving Jordan and never coming back.

Ahmed Akour, 12 mint before 3/4/2011